Find a Sales Job in the United States

Sales jobs include positions like sales management jobs as well as pharmaceutical sales representative jobs, which offer considerably more pay. As jobs in sales vary, so do the educational requirements and training. Although most entry-level sales candidates are fine with a high school diploma and good selling personality, the best sales jobs are rewarded to those with college or certificate training. Landing these jobs require a great deal of thought and a well-constructed resume.

Although a sales job can often involve local or national travel, a phone-based sales position can be found in telemarketing or call center help. Jobs in telemarketing can be available for senior sales jobs professionals as well as part time sales jobs. Call center jobs include those hired by computer companies or product manufacturers to troubleshoot specific products. Jobs in call center environments may also been outsourced by other companies to do surveys or funded research projects, and usually require a good listener.

Top sales jobs are generally lead by senior sales managers after gaining enough experience (see these resume examples) at the sales level. Sales manager jobs are generally more about customer service than sales, but will often give final negotiations in a sale, if needed.

Some of the best paying positions are in medical sales jobs and jobs in pharmaceutical sales. In order to qualify for jobs in medical sales, most companies prefer a bachelor's degree with an emphasis in a similar field. There is also a great deal of company training after hiring. Pharmaceutical sales jobs are the same, and in many cases incorporate both marketing and company management skills.