Posting 100% Commission Jobs

Any seasoned salesperson applying to your job knows that they must have over 90 days worth of funds in their bank account to cover their expenses.  It costs money to bring in good sales people, and when candidates don’t see a salary of any kind they think that it’s too high of a risk.  In fact 90% of salespeople today will not take a sales position without there being some sort of salary or compensation.  Candidates are more likely to look at companies that can’t afford to pay a salary as being ‘shady’, ‘turn and burn’, or ‘fly by night’; therefore too high of a risk.  Our visitors are of a much higher quality of candidates, they come from multiple backgrounds, and salaried +commissioned positions.

Craigslist will give you responses from anyone looking to get into sales, ex: a gardener looking to move into sales.  You have to ask yourself how many hires have you gotten from that site.

Everyone wants to find ‘Hardcore’ salespeople, but you have to understand that it comes with a cost.  A higher caliber site draws higher caliber candidates, because it offers higher caliber jobs from employers such as you.  That does not exclude you from offering something tangible.  Try changing your job to say the following;

  1. Who are you?  How long have you been in business?  Say everything there is to know about your company.
  2. What do you sell, who do you sell it to?
  3. What is your competitive advantage (why would somebody come to work for you for 100% commission)?
  4. What is the working environment like?
  5. Who will they be reporting to?  Do you offer leads? Training?
  6. What are the qualifications for this job?

If you put all of this into your job description, making it more seductive, you will receive more resumes from candidates applying to it.

You’ve got to sell it in a way that would convince someone to leave a salaried plus commissioned position to come to work for you for 100% commission.

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