How To Nail A Job Interview

how-to-nail-job-interviewIn the interview, your cloths, manners and mannerisms are all on display. Within the first 60 seconds, your self-confidence and ability to present yourself is assesed. Be prepared to make a strong first impression.

  1. Model your clothes aftyer the company dress code.
  2. Wear clean, wrinkle free clothes.
  3. Trim and clean your hair
  4. Do not wear excessive jewelry or perfume/cologne
  5. Polish your shoes
  6. Cover up tattoos and remove and body piercings
  7. Do not talk on your phone or listen to music while in the waiting area.

The Phone Interview

More and more businesses are making it a habit to weed out unqualified candidates by doing a phone interview before the traditional face-to-face interview.

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