About SalesJobs.com

Launched in June of 1997 during the nascent years of the Internet, SalesJobs.com has taken its place in history as the very first niche sales employment site and today SalesJobs.com dominates the sales employment industry commanding over 90% of the online sales employment market. SalesJobs.com is the worlds’ oldest and largest sales employment site, with more sales jobs then all of our niche competitors combined worldwide. No other sales employment site has ever been able to duplicate our size or success to this day. Since our launch in 1997 we have seen many sales employment sites (salesseek.com, salesgiant.com, etc.) attempt to compete directly against us in this very competitive market of sales recruiting and all have found SalesJobs.com to be a formidable competitor and have had to close their doors. Today there are but a handful of niche sales employment sites and not one of our competitors has the ability to compete with our business model. Today SalesJobs.com is the largest sales employment site in the world with the highest client retention rate.

Our success comes from our very unique beginnings. Unlike most of our competitors, SalesJobs.com was built by sales recruiters for sales recruiting, and it shows. Our founder and CEO Eric Ruiz's entire professional career has been in corporate sales recruiting. With nearly 30 years in the recruiting industry, Eric Ruiz began his recruiting career in 1984 as a recruiter for the United States Marine Corps. Today Eric has been ranked in the top five sales recruiters in the nation and was one of the first national sales recruiters. In the late 1990's Eric saw the writing on the wall when the Internet caught fire as the first employment sites like monster.com and hotjobs.com slowly started taking business from professional recruiters because of the speed and affordability of hiring online. Eric began using these very websites only to discover that they were not gathering the right kind of candidate data for the purposes of sales recruiting so Eric set out to create one that would, thus SalesJobs.com was created.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the epicenter of the high tech industry, SalesJobs.com leveraged its access to some of the greatest programming and development talent in the world. This resulted in many first-to-market innovations such as a fully automated business model which allows us to set and control the price for goods and services within our market and still remain profitable. We were first to market with the Sales Résumé Screening Agent and automated sales recruiting tools which automatically send qualified resumes to clients based upon their job description, location and our industry knowledge. Salesjobs.com was the first sales employment site to automate the ability to receive interview notifications via cell phone; and the ability to send job postings to thousands of qualified candidates at the click of a mouse. All these features and many, many more have made our clients true believers that SalesJobs.com is not just another job board. SalesJobs.com is technologically advanced in online sales recruiting software that allows companies to fill sales jobs quickly and effortlessly at a fraction of the cost of all of our competitors.

SalesJobs.com's mission is to take the highly specialized and notoriously difficult world of Sales Recruiting, and make it accessible and painless not only for professional recruiters, but also for HR Managers at any level; from Fortune 500 companies to 'Mom & Pop' businesses. Our site was built to be affordable, easy to use, and highly effective. SalesJobs.com was built by sales recruiters for sales recruiting. We gather detailed information from candidates regarding their history and performance in sales, which helps our clients recruit in a far more effective manner. The general employment boards don't collect this information or offer this kind of service. From 1997 SalesJobs.com has led the race to dominate our market, buying up competitors, executive search firms as well as local media companies, presently owning over 169 domain properties. Today SalesJobs.com rules the search engines with top placements in over 103 sales terms and growing.

In July 1999 Salesjobs.com updated its original site with rich graphics and an innovative user interface with the ability for these rich graphics to download quickly using a dial up modem. This was absolutely unheard of in its time.

In July 2001 Sales Jobs Inc. registered their Mark with the United States patent and trademark office. We have vigorously defended our registered Mark and intellectual properties against any company or individual trading on our brand, intellectual property or making false claims that they are larger or hold more market share than we do.

In 2001 the domain name 'SalesJob.com' was turned over to SalesJobs.com by its owner for using a confusingly similar mark as their own

In 2001 during the "dot-com bust" when many Internet companies were closing their doors, SalesJobs.com began recruiting some of the best programming talent Silicon Valley could offer. Soon after, SalesJobs.com was one of the first employment sites to create and utilize 'robotic spiders' to monitor all of its competitors worldwide.

In 2003 SalesJobs.com launched the first of its kind; a fully automated business model where almost every aspect of our business, from sales to client contact to site administration, was fully automated. This very automation has allowed us to keep our prices unchanged since 1997, in many cases 30 times less expensive than our nearest competitor. This fully automated business model allows us to grow exponentially without increasing operating costs. It also allows us to enter into any market, anywhere in the world, adapt to any environment, and still be able to set the market price for goods and services, then outperforming all of our competitors while still remaining profitable.

In 2004 SalesJobs.com was the first niche sales employment site to obtain the exclusive rights to new technology which gives us the ability to both view Salesjobs.com and to receive text notifications, via cell phone.

In 2006 SalesJobs.com began the task of acquiring sales recruiting firms and small advertising agencies to round out our position as the global leader in the sales employment market.

In 2009 SalesJobs.com launched a revamped 'SalesJobs.com 4.0' and also SalesJobs.co.uk in the United Kingdom. Within one year we became the third largest sales employment site in the UK.

In 2012 SalesJobs.com acquired SalesVacancies.com, which was the very first sales employment site ever built in the UK and which holds the #1 position in the UK search engines.

SalesJobs.com is a privately owned company, with no interest in investors or venture capital.