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The Number 1 Sales Opportunity in Energy Conservation in Washington, DC

This job is no longer available from Lifetime Lights LLC
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Lifetime Lights LLC

Base Salary: 100% commission
Total Comp: $200,000 to $220,000
Industry: 100% Commission
Benefits: No
Customers: Medium
Car Allowance: No
Sales Cycle: Short
Travel: Only in Territory
Location: District of Columbia:, Washington


You’re not reading this ad because life has gone exactly the way you thought it would go.

You might be doing ok, but you want more.

You know that you can earn more in sales than nearly every other profession.

Perhaps you can't figure out why it's not working out that way for you.

That is likely why you’re reading this.

Sales can often be an emotional and financial roller coaster ride.

But sales is the only profession that can provide an unlimited opportunity to earn if the market size is big enough and the product solves a significant problem in that market.

When you have these two right, you can earn a high-profit margin provided you have a transformational message that reaches your ideal clients automatically.

You need four things to be successful in sales; you need the right:

  • Market – People who need their problem solved so they can live a better life
  • Message – One that assures people how their life will be better by letting you solve their problem
  • Method – Automated incoming leads and follow up
  • Monetization – Sell to the ones who ask you to solve their problem.


Nowhere in the equation did I say you have to sell.

Everyone wants to buy; no one wants to be sold.

There are many different ways to sell products and services, and you likely know several of them; however, marketing is everything you do before you say anything.

I’m sure you noticed that I never said, always be closing. That’s because marketing does the closing for you.

Marketing is what your prospects see before they pull out their money to buy from you.

Marketing is selling in print.

I learned this many years ago, and it has paid me very handsomely.

Companies I've owned have sold products in excess of 100 million dollars worldwide since 1992.

I've taken chances, and I have fallen flat on my face more times than I can count, but I'm really good at picking people who can make a lot of money when they are put into the right system.

I’m looking for someone who is willing to learn how to set up a marketing system that is already designed so you can attract leads in automatically.  When you learn to do this successfully, the selling is the easy part.

My name is David Mulvaney, back in 1998 I began a journey in energy efficiency products, and I have been in electrical products business ever since. In 2009 I added LED lighting to our product offerings.

2009 was a time when there was less than a handful of companies who offered LED lighting in the US. In 2012 I launched the Lifetime Lights™ brand.

Lifetime Lights LLC manufactures and distributes the most efficient commercial and industrial LED lighting in the world.

We are looking for one representative in every major who can sell and distribute Lifetime Lights LEDs to commercial and industrial customers and care for those customers for many years to come.

We provide all of the training, the system, and if you take action, you will make a lot of money. 

This is a 1099 position with the opportunity to grow a vast exclusive territory.

We are looking for someone who is entrepreneurial-minded, who can follow instructions but most importantly, someone who will take action.

To get more facts now go to

Do you want more income? We all do.

If you are in sales and are looking to make more money what you need is a marketing system that works.

Marketing is what makes money; selling is where you collect the check.

Most entrepreneurs are terrified of the word “marketing” because they don’t understand what “marketing” really means.

The backbone of marketing is using words to convey a message.

Those words create images in the mind of the prospect.

The image they see is a picture that is painted by the marketer.

If you sell pools, pictures of people having fun next to a pool will sell pools.

Why? Because people want to have fun, so they decide that they want a pool because they believe it will make their life fun.

They don't want a pool; they want to be happy.

That’s how you reach people emotionally with a product.

Good marketing reaches people on an emotional level.

It doesn't matter what product you sell. If you can learn to craft a clear message, about how your product solves problems and makes people’s lives better, they will buy it.

And that’s what I’d like to talk to you about doing.

If you are struggling to get to the next level in your career, this might be precisely the opportunity you seek.

There are only two ways a business can be more profitable, either increase revenue or decrease expenses.

With Lifetime Lights, you help clients to decrease expenses that already exist in their electric budget.

In many cases, they have positive cash flow from their LED lighting system.

Like I said earlier, we only have one opening in your market.

Legal Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee you will make any money because I do not know you and we are not offering you anything at this point, other than the chance to find out more.

To be selected, you have to be the type of person who:

  • Willing to take action
  • Willing to invest in yourself
  • Willing to learn something new
  • Follows instructions
  • Do the work
  • Do what it takes to accomplish your goals

If this sounds like you, go to and get the Lifetime Lights™ Distributor Prospectus.