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Independent Sales Representative in Bridgeport, CT


Thalyon Marketing Group, LLC

Base Salary: 100% commission
Total Comp: $100,000 to $120,000
Industry: General
Benefits: No
Customers: Medium
Car Allowance: No
Sales Cycle: Short
Travel: No Travel
Location: Connecticut: Bridgeport


Who We Are: Thalyon Marketing Group is a 3 time multi international award winning full service marketing agency (2012 Marcom, 2012 Hermes, 2013 Hermes), born in 2009 to deliver excellence in service, marketing, advertising and education to small businesses to fortune 500s alike. We offer full service white label marketing fulfillment to some of the biggest and brightest marketing firms in the world. For years, we have been coined as your marketing companies marketing company. Very low key, 95% of Thalyon Marketing Groups business comes from referrals. Thalyon dedicates its resources tirelessly to developing an understanding of their clients marketing needs, advertising wants and sales goals. After a lot of soul searching the founders of Thalyon vowed to deliver on service, education in real world economies and create out of this world marketing. These core values set the foundation and mission principals for Thalyon to grow small businesses to scalability and made ready for marketing firms and small businesses alike to do the same if they possessed vision and forth sight. Thalyon Marketing Group, just a couple of guys who were young at the time and very ambitious, who set out on a journey to become one of the best marketing companies in the world. We did little to no advertising of our own. We didnt need to, we were too busy making money for our clients. Thalyon Marketing Group was founded out of the frustration of the lack of these very key organizational values not found in a previous venture from a so-called marketing firm that did not deserve the title of marketing firm. Managing Director Thalyon Marketing Group was featured in the Crainslist Detroit journal as one of the largest mobile app developers in the State of Michigan in 2013. How? Thalyon provided a software solution to close the gap on small business and mobile technology. Since then, Thalyon has focused more on full service marketing agency fulfillment and digital delivery training programs and shifted all technologies and marketing strategies to support them. Thalyons success is the result of intentionally creating a culture founded on clear communication, relationship building, and everyone owning their own experience and book of business. Managing Director" What Does Thalyon Sell? Two Things Digital Delivery Training Products range from ($500 to $50,000) Marketing Agency Services range from ($500 to $50,000 Digital Delivery Training Products Digital Delivery Training Products, how is that tangible? Tell Me More About Thalyons Digital Delivery Training Products Like Online Master Degree Programs Thalyon offers Digital delivery training products are produced the same. They are products that teach people how to do something. Theyre not burned on CDs. They are digitally delivered to students via the internet so they are online. Question? How Do You Sell Digital Delivery Products? Im Use to selling tangible goods Answer Sometimes people scratch their head and say Im use to selling tangible products. Well forget it, the internet is with us today and if you dont think digital delivery training products are huge lets consider a couple of facts. True Facts, True Story If you went out and did a quick search on google and typed in online masters programsyou would find 84 million search results return. The returns would render all online schools and specialty education programs sponsored by companies trying to sell you a masters program degree online. Well, we think thats big and we are talking big ticket items the cost of these masters program goes from several thousand dollars up to 20 to 50k for some of the colleges and universities we got search results for. Go to YouTube and type in something like how to fix a taillight, and go to a channel that offers education on how to fix the tail light. I bet anyone of the videos that pop up for search reference will boast somewhere in the thousands of views area and thats just for tail lights. Some YouTube Channels receive somewhere around 2 million views. I went and saw 15 videos with over 250k video views on tail lights alone. If you notice, some videos have ads on the front, middle and end of videos. Believe it or not but those folks are making millions of dollars by delivering digital information for people who want to learn something and thats huge. So, digital training information products are huge if you think about it. Not to mention (although we are going to mention it), We just looked up one of the kings of Digital Delivery Training Products in the niche of personal development, hes a guy by the name of Tony Robbins maybe you have heard of him? Well, he has a six day Tahitian fire walk training program that goes for around $33k for just six days. Yes, that is $33k for six days. That sounds insane, right? Wrong, you dont have to be Tony Robbins anymore to sell a $33,000-dollar Digital Delivery Training Product. You just need a $33,000 Digital Delivery Training Product to Sell. So, Digital Delivery Training Products are here to stay.Ok, Sounds Good, but what types of Digital Delivery Training Products are we selling? Digital Marketing Training Advertising Training Small business Consulting Personal development Training Self-help Trainings Small business Consulting In a Nut Shell As an Independent Sales Representative, you can acquire the Reseller license of your choosing for any available Digital Delivery Training Products and/or our Marketing Agency Services you desire by purchasing the Resell license that matches the appropriate level for Marketing Agency Services. You will be trained by one of our experienced Digital Delivery Training Consultants. Our trainers are paid on commission only when you make a sale and they continue to work with you until your first sale. There is a training fee from first sale you will pay to your sales trainer then every sale after you will keep 100% commission on every sale thereafter. Some people prefer to continue with their trainer as their closer and split commissions however you see fit. We have some Independent Sales reps who just train and team up with a closer to close deals. Once you have committed two sales you then are promoted to an Independent Sales Trainer and can now earn commissions on sales and training. Awesome right...? I know, I thought so too! 2. Marketing Agency Services Aw man, that sounds fancy Tell Me More About Thalyons Marketing Agency Services... Multi-Solution Marketing Agency Fulfillment Services: But, Not Limited Too Website Development Mobile App Development (IPhone, IPad, Tablet, Android) Social Media Marketing Services and Ad Management Digital Advertising Reputation Marketing Listing Distribution Business Review Generation Brand Analytics SMS Text, Video, Respond Marketing Email Marketing Sales Funnel Development and Scaling Affiliate Marketing System Development Copywriting Digital Publishing Product Development and Distribution Consulting Monthly Reports CRM Development and Implementation What Businesses Do We Sell Marketing Agency Services To? Law Firms Doctor Offices Churches Local Business Organizations Political Campaigns Insurance Companies Construction Companies Real Estate Companies & Agents Retail Stores Franchises and many more Competitive Advantage? Our quality of work is the best. We win awards around here and take great pride in it. We service in excellence. We take service and consulting very serious here. Referrals are the lifeline of our original business model so its very important to have above excellent customer and client services. Weve been there and done that. We have done things the wrong way and the right way. Experience is always the best teacher. It hurts sometimes, but, you must be able to learn how to lose to learn how to win. Losing can feel terrible, it can make you feel like a failure. We must face hardship to defeat adversity and become a winner. Managing Director Actual Work, Whats Required? REQUIREMENTS MUST be a go getter who is VERY comfortable making and receiving phone calls Most are warm leads but some days there will be cold calling Calls are setting up appointments and estimates are from 10-100 based on demand Self-starter that can thrive in an independent working environment. Skilled in MS Office & Outlook Must be comfortable with use of iCloud or Google drive and apps to file share Ability to work independently Persuasive phone voice and ability to sell in a consultative manner (Not Used Cars) Interest in stepping into a Sales Trainer Role (help others achieve what you want to achieve) Must be able to create a YouTube account (sounds silly, but you would be surprised) Depending on what package (Diamond or Higher) you are eligible for call center call sharing . All you must do is speak to prospects when they are at peak interest and ready to get started (Thats a fun time). WHAT YOU GET TO DO Answer inbound calls from potential clients, answering questions regarding marketing agency services and/or digital delivery training products and share with potential customers the benefits of purchasing a marketing agency service and/or digital delivery training products (A quick google test will show you, the benefits are numerous). Engage potential clients through auto-dialing (preference made by the Reseller) Utilize a consultative sales approach to strengthen relationships with customers and affiliates Grow quickly alongside a stead-fast Integrity driven company Track and maintain warm leads utilizing a customized CRM Assist with marketing products and possible new product development We love to include our marketing partners in our new product development strategies Working from Home or Go Get an Office. If you have call center you project manage the manger on reps at call center. You only speak to one person maybe every couple of days. Training --- All training materials are digitally delivered and hosted online. Sales Training takes around two weeks. Question? How many hours of work will be required to get this Going? Answer: 10 -20 hours average in first month but depends on the level of training you need to have to be comfortable to be confident in your approach and presentation. The average hour amount for Independent Sales Reps after system is rolling, rolling per month is about 5 to 10 hours a month of work. On Averagesome people push it higher so people go lower with full automation. Just depends on your goals and your time. ______________________________________________________________________________ How Can I Work This from Home? We tried it all, some worked, some didnt, we said so what, and moved on. We have become a better team and more successful because of it. Nothing like failure to make you get up in the morning or stay in bed. Some choose the ladder we chose to get up. My pop use to tell me when I would call home and complain about the long gym hours and study days in college while enjoying a hefty scholarship. That everyone wants to arrive without the experience of getting there. So much truth in that statement. I visit this concept every morning. I can feel the challenge of resistance pierce the vail of my waking day. So, you just get up and do it. Managing Director What Makes our Digital Delivery Training Products Worthwhile? Real life strategies. No Fluff Learn what they dont teach in college so you can become debt free Any budget marketing and advertising techniques Personal development without the unicorns. Practical trainings on how to budget your life now. Not if you had. Quality service. Award winning products and fulfilment Mentors who have been you. There not reading from scripts Opportunity to discover that you can and will make your goals come true Reseller License keep 100% Commission Turn key Business already tested and proven Finally, most important its you, are what makes it worthwhile, this is for you! We are forward thinking and goal oriented people. We enjoy the growth of our Independent Sales Representatives and Sales Trainers. Each Sales Trainers has been through the entire process and will be qualified at your Digital Delivery Training level or higher. Once a Digital Delivery Training Products is purchased from Thalyon Marketing Group by an Independent Sales Representative they earn the right through our Reseller License to sale and keep 100% commissions on all their sales on each time a Digital Delivery Training Product is sold by them up to their Digital Delivery Training Product level. * Please Note : Independent Sales Representatives always can upgrade levels and earn more. Also, we deal no reoccurring license fees nor royalties fees. Awesome, right? Work with the best and keep the checks! PERKS Extremely high commission Longevity Leads Remote/ work from anywhere in the world Commission with High Ticket profit Learn from industry experts who has proven to scale companies Bonuses on performance Average commission is between $3,500 - $6,500 per sale Flexibility in schedule Company provided training Learn from a managing partner who has built and sold successful companies and is a pillar in the entrepreneurial/start up community circuit Top notch training and products Potential to own your own book of business 100% out right Short sales cycle 48-72 hours Fast product delivery Why Become an Independent Sales Representative with Thalyon? Take control of your life. This is about you and your family not about us. We are simply a vessel. We are a mere tool, use us as a guide. We are a small but mighty group of empowered people that continually improve themselves, their company, and their futures. Sure, you can find a group of awesome folks at most any company but you wont find many companies where everyone is part of that group. Youre doing well where you are. Why should you change? Why risk leaving something comfortable for the unknown? Why face that fear? Youll need a good reason and itll have to be worth it something with some security to back the risk. Well, we have that. Lots of it. No one at Thalyon Marketing Group partners here because they must. We are an alliance of Independent Sales representatives and business owners. We want our Independent Sales Representatives to thrive here, and *we are lucky enough to get to" work with people from all over the globe. Independently, on our time schedule with whom we choose. You will work with great people. You will work with people who are hungry to continue their personal and professional growth. With so much interest in Digital Delivery Training Products and marketing Agency Service fulfillment, we are never without a new horizon to develop. Thalyon Marketing Group is a community. Were friends and partners here and we like it that way. As we continually improve our technical skills and expand our expertise, we also push our careers to new heights! *If making an impact in the heart of small business sounds like a great career move, we want you to apply today! * go to [please apply online] to register to view our corporate presentation. If you like what you see and want more information. Then set an appointment with us for an interview. Or give us a call at the number listed under presentation to set up an appointment. Please Note : Corporate presentation is design to spark interest. Not to explain every detail of our business model. We cant give you all the meat and potatoes in 30 minutes. Just about a 10-ounce filet and loaded Tatter should leave room for dessert. Bye for now and we look forward to your successes. Description: Job Type : Full-time, Part-time 100% Commission: 100,000.00 to $120,000.00 /year Required experience : 3 - 5 years in sales, marketing or advertising background Industry: Not specific If youve had success in sales recruiting, marketing, sales training or advertising then you can be successful here. Keywords: professional services, sales representative, sales recruiter, sales trainer, work from home