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***Now is Your Time to Earn a Solid Six figure Income*** in Charleston AFB, SC


ToMary Group

Base Salary: Yes (amount not posted)
Total Comp: $150,000 to $180,000
Industry: General
Benefits: No
Customers: Medium
Car Allowance: No
Sales Cycle: Short
Travel: No Travel
Location: South Carolina: Charleston AFB


***Now is Your Time to Earn a Solid Six figure Income***

The ToMary Group, Inc.. is the #1 rated real estate investing (REI) and educational marketing firm in the country - Why, because we provide the most competitively priced and the highest quality (REI) educational learning system available...  Where Sales Pros can earn $10,000 to $20,000 / month or more, helping us expand our market... 

There are two sides to our business model: Side One -- The real estate education side, where candidates will learn everything from finding, analyzing, financing, acquiring, fixing and flipping then selling properties for huge profits, plus have access to a vast curriculum of additional (REI) education courses... Side Two -- Where Sales Pros can participate in our Earn While You Learn Program, and earn either $1K, $4K or $10K per (REI) educational sale, and yes you can do both sides of our business model, and most do...

Experienced sales pros will appreciate the following:

  • *** Next week you could be receiving commission checks of: $1K, $4K or $10K / sale
  • *** No Cold Calling
  • *** No Restricted Territories
  • *** No Commission Caps
  • *** A Rock Solid and Proven Sales and Marketing System
  • *** Fast Promotions
  • *** 15% Overrides on Your Team's Revenue
  • *** We are NOT an MLM
  • *** Our Pay Plan is modeled after the Ins. Industry, and several national Real Estate Company’s Pay Plans…

Some of Our Major Benefits You Could Enjoy:

  • Think about not having the daily stress & wasting time in rush hour commuter traffic.
  • Compensation: Earn 50% of each sale, plus up to 15% team bonuses…
  • Your commissions are paid twice a week by direct deposit – No long-term waiting to be paid…
  • You control your work schedule and the amount of income you earn – Cha-Ch'ing $$$…
  • You have an opportunity to participate in our Earn While You Learn Program…
  • Our Lucrative Pay Plan is modeled after the Ins. Industry and several national R/E Co's Pay Plans…

Some of the W-2 JOB complaints I hear daily -- And how we solve them!

  • I work long hours, and can't control my work schedule!!! -- We're internet based, 24/7 – You Choose.
  • I can’t earn enough income because my commissions are capped -- We don't limit or cap income.
  • I’m a W-2 employee & pay high taxes!!! -- We're 1099, with tax write offs & Pay 2/3rd Less Taxes.
  • I must pay commission charge-backs!!! -- We don't have any charge-backs – Never.
  • I have a limited territory / market area!!! -- We are an internet based company, with no territories.

So, if you either enjoy, have interest in, or have experience in: Sales, Recruiting, Marketing, H/R, Real Estate, Public Speaking, Internet Marketing, Teaching, Military, Construction, Finance or Entrepreneurship: WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU…

After we receive and review your resume, you will be contacted by email with directions to begin your candidate process, which is very transparent, and will answer your questions… On your resume, please include: Your Name, Email Address and Cell Phone Number… Serious Inquires Only…

This is NOT a W-2 JOB... This is a 1099 - 100% Commission - Six Figure Income - Opportunity….

"The best way to predict your future, is to act now, and create it" *** Peter Drucker