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Needed: Claustrophobic Computer-Lovin' Guys & Gals in Bismarck, ND


The Carter-Brinley Group

Base Salary: Yes (amount not posted)
Total Comp: $100,000 to $120,000
Industry: General
Benefits: No
Customers: Large
Car Allowance: No
Sales Cycle: Short
Travel: No Travel
Location: North Dakota: Bismarck


You love computers and technology! Whether it's the hardware, the data mining, the social networks, the marketing opportunities, the Internet, the gaming, the network security or even the dating scene. You LOVE it.

What you don't love is the idea of being couped up in a cubical, office or dark server room all day. 

If your work is making you claustrophobic, then maybe we should talk. You probably have the skills we are looking for, and we probably have the solution to tight spaces. Let's get you out of the office. Out of the cubical. There is a whole world out there and you can still love computers AND not be held hostage by your boss.

The Carter-Brinley Group is a real estate investment firm looking for individuals to help expand its reach nationwide. We believe that your love for computers could be very useful to our team. You see, we have partnered with the leading Real Estate Investment Education provider, rated A+ by the BBB, to provide that education to both novice and professional real estate investors. As one of INC Magazine's 5000 "Fastest Growing Companies" our education is proving to be the most effective and least expensive choice for people looking to learn how to be successful real estate investors. We believe in educating clients on the power and value of real estate as a tool to personal financial security.

So how do you fit in. We need to reach people and tell them our story. We need smart people like you to fill in the gaps in our expansion plans. Maybe you have a huge social network, or are great at Internet advertising. Maybe you interact with a gaming group and they all want to spend more time gaming and less time stuck in traffic getting to their job. Whatever your sphere of influence is, you can take your interests and help us tell our story. The best part is that you will be paid handsomely for it. 

Do you know, or could you find groups of people that would be interested in any of the following:
---   Paying off a 30-year mortgage in under 10 years without making bi-monthly payments or affecting your monthly cash flow?
---   Paying 2/3's less in taxes for the rest of your life. The ultra-wealthy pay less than 10% in taxes. Want to join them.
---   Buying cash flowing rental properties with no money out of your pocket.
---   How to make $5k-$20K by NOT buying a house.
---   How to make everything that parents buy for their children a complete tax write-off. Diapers to Prom dresses...
---   How to find all the money you need to fund all your projects
---   How to drive that Dream Car (Porsche, Corvette, Ferrari, Lambo) for less it costs you now to drive a Honda minivan.

You can learn everything from finding, analyzing, financing, acquiring, fixing and flipping selling houses for huge profits. This is on top of the $5,000 to $10,000 you can earn monthly helping us build our team. You can work from anywhere. Your home, a cabin in the woods, and even the beach. (But don't get sand in your laptop. This opportunity is 1099, 100% Commission, but we offer base+commission opportunities for the most qualified and successful salespeople.

You may also appreciate the following:
*** No Cold Calling
*** No Restricted Territories
*** No Commission Caps
*** Fast Promotions
*** Overrides On Your Team's Revenue

Let's turn your love of computers and technology into a rewarding, fun career that will get you out of the office and into the world. If you enjoy, have interest in, or experience in software automation, sales, recruiting, marketing, real estate, public speaking, internet marketing, teaching, finance, social media, business building, or entrepreneurship, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

If you are just curious about what was mentioned above, hit the APPLY button. Learn all about us and our product line. If it like it, GREAT. If it is not for you and you would rather return back to your cave (cubical) that's OK, too.