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Finding sales employment is a job in itself but keeping a good sales job is even tougher. Everything in the room you were standing in including the very device you're reading these very words on, were all brought to you via sales. Sales is the most important part of any Corporation big or small, without sales your company dies. But still, sales is not taught at university level. Most sales professionals have to seek out their own education when it comes to sales. Many companies offer sales training and some companies are even known for their sales training like, Xerox and Lanier. However, there's not a lot of avenues to get good strong sales career advice and we here at are here to help.

We've hired some of the best and brightest sales career advice counselors in the sales industry today. We've collected some of the best articles from your first meeting to dealing with sales slumps to help you with your sales career. Cold calling is a very big part of being in sales and we're here to help give you good solid sales career device on how to approach each and every call and understanding your sales cycle, sales basics and good old-fashioned dialing for dollars. Let us enlighten you on some of the basic skills in sales that many times in our sales career we forget.

If you have any questions on your own career are just want to talk to somebody one-on-one feel free to contact us at , just leave your name your number and the industry are selling in and will be sure to get right back to you.