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How To Look & Sound Like a Snazzy Salesman

snazzy_salesmanSelling is a matter or persuading, convincing, or influencing. To look and sound like a snazzy salesman, you will need to follow a combination of rule and traits and avoid certain behaviors and appearances.

The Look – Over the top Salesman

  • Greased up hair, raised eye-brow and a cheap smile all scream, "I'm a slimy salesman!"
  • Avoid flashy body language that is pushy or aggressive in nature. You don't need to put on a show.
  • Garish clothing is another trait a good salesman should avoid.

The Nervous Salesman

  • A sloppy hair cut and disheveled clothing displays a lack of professionalism.
  • A timid and nervous salesperson will always struggle with closing a sale.
  • Poor posture and lack of eye-contact will exhibit low confidence.

The Snazzy Salesman

  • A great salesman is well groomed and is always considerate of their hygiene.
  • A snazzy salesman aligns with their client with a welcoming smile appropriate body language.
  • A sales professional wears suitable attire that matches the product they are selling.

The Sound – The Good

  • "Hello, I was given your name by our mutual friend Joe.  He said you were looking for some assistance, so I thought I'd drop by.
  • "Are there any other issues or concerns we have not covered sufficiently?"
  • "Do you have a moment to learn about the incredible specials we are offereing?"

The Sound – The Bad

  • "I was just in the area and thought I'd drop by."
  • "What would I have to do to get you started today?"
  • "I have an incredible special I'd like to offer you."

How To Nail A Job Interview

how-to-nail-job-interviewIn the interview, your cloths, manners and mannerisms are all on display. Within the first 60 seconds, your self-confidence and ability to present yourself is assesed. Be prepared to make a strong first impression.

  1. Model your clothes aftyer the company dress code.
  2. Wear clean, wrinkle free clothes.
  3. Trim and clean your hair
  4. Do not wear excessive jewelry or perfume/cologne
  5. Polish your shoes
  6. Cover up tattoos and remove and body piercings
  7. Do not talk on your phone or listen to music while in the waiting area.

The Phone Interview

More and more businesses are making it a habit to weed out unqualified candidates by doing a phone interview before the traditional face-to-face interview.

Does Sex Sell?

does-sex-sell-thumbSex has been employed in marketing since the beginning of advertising. In 1885, W. Duke & Sons inserted trading cards into cigarette packs that featured sexually provocative starlets. Duke grew to become the leading cigarette brand by 1890.

The use of sex in advertising can be highly overt or extremely subtle. Over the past two decades the use of increasingly explicit sexual imagery in consumer-orientated advertising has become almost commonplace.

Posting 100% Commission Jobs

Any seasoned salesperson applying to your job knows that they must have over 90 days worth of funds in their bank account to cover their expenses.  It costs money to bring in good sales people, and when candidates don’t see a salary of any kind they think that it’s too high of a risk.  In fact 90% of salespeople today will not take a sales position without there being some sort of salary or compensation.  Candidates are more likely to look at companies that can’t afford to pay a salary as being ‘shady’, ‘turn and burn’, or ‘fly by night’; therefore too high of a risk.  Our visitors are of a much higher quality of candidates, they come from multiple backgrounds, and salaried +commissioned positions.

Craigslist will give you responses from anyone looking to get into sales, ex: a gardener looking to move into sales.  You have to ask yourself how many hires have you gotten from that site.

Everyone wants to find ‘Hardcore’ salespeople, but you have to understand that it comes with a cost.  A higher caliber site draws higher caliber candidates, because it offers higher caliber jobs from employers such as you.  That does not exclude you from offering something tangible.  Try changing your job to say the following;

  1. Who are you?  How long have you been in business?  Say everything there is to know about your company.
  2. What do you sell, who do you sell it to?
  3. What is your competitive advantage (why would somebody come to work for you for 100% commission)?
  4. What is the working environment like?
  5. Who will they be reporting to?  Do you offer leads? Training?
  6. What are the qualifications for this job?

If you put all of this into your job description, making it more seductive, you will receive more resumes from candidates applying to it.

You’ve got to sell it in a way that would convince someone to leave a salaried plus commissioned position to come to work for you for 100% commission.

The Perfect Resume

theperfectresumeYour resume makes your first impression—whether it is a good one or a bad one. A potential employer immediately assesses your skills and qualities in order to fit their job opening, and if your resume comes up short, you won’t even get an interview. When it comes to crafting the perfect resume, employers are looking for certain things, and when you follow these tips and tools of the trade, you will come out one step ahead of your competition.

From initial research to final job offer, keep reading to see what your resume can do for you—and for future employers.

The Art of the Sale

artofthesaleMaking a sale depends on more than good timing and knowledge of a product. While some people in sales have instinctive attributes that lead toward success, others have to cultivate these traits over time. Being a good salesperson is truly an art form, a specially calculated collection of techniques, practices and “that extra something” that combine in the culmination of a sale.

From the drawing board to the real deal, these statistics and examples help you become the master artist of sales in any sphere. Much like a job interview, a career in sales requires a full display of your talents, and when you perfect the art of the sale, the graph of your sales figures will speak for itself. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Does Money Alone Motivate Sales People?

money_smallMoney is the driving force behind sales performance. How does salary vs. commission affect the preformance of a sales staff?

  1. Straight Commisison
  2. Straight Salary
  3. Salary plus Commission

How much are Sales People getting paid? Here's a look at eight sales jobs where your base salary and commission could add up to six figures.

The Current State of Sales

the_current_state_of_sales_smallEvolution of Sales – The rise of the Internet and globalization has shifted the roles and responsibilities thet a a sales agent traditionally had. Sales representatives in any industry must increase their lines of communication among their clients for more responsiveness, and overall sales agents are expected to have more knowledge about their products than in previous years.

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