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Sales Representative Job Description

The Definition of a Sales Representative

A sales representative is a knowledgeable representative of the company's products and a sales representative job is to educate and sales those products to buyers within that company's industry.

Sales Representatives are usually the starting point in any organization in sales, the next step above a sales representative would either be a National Sales Representative or Large Account Sales Representative, these types of jobs are usually for those who have it in sales within that industry for a period of time, usually 6 to 8 years depending on the industry. The next level in sales would be, Sales Management. Sales managers manage their sales team ( a sales team is usually anything from 3 to 10 Sales Representatives ). Sales Managers, manage Sales Representatives, managing their activities supporting them in closing sales and helping them with time management, cold calling and lead generation. Most Sales Managers play an active role in supporting the Sales Representatives daily sales activities and product knowledge education. The next step above Sales Managers is usually a General Sales Manager or National Sales Manager, also known as a GM ( General Manager). General Managers or National Sales Managers do not get involved in that day to day Sales Representative responsibilities. Roles. Their job is usually to set expectations for the Sales Managers, area quotas, higher and firing and training of the sales force. Above most General Sales Managers and or National Sales Managers who manage the Sales Managers who manage Sales Representatives usually report to the VP of Sales. The VP of Sales is a very important role in any Corporation because they report directly to the president of the company. And they are responsible for all the sales for that company.

What do Sales Representatives do

The very first thing a sales representative does is stays educated on their product knowledge of the products that are selling. In the fast-paced world that we live in today sales representatives are constantly upgrading their knowledge on the products they sell and the products that their competitors sell as well. Any seasoned sales rep will tell you that product knowledge is everything. You have to know what you're selling inside and out and you have to have a clear understanding of what your competitors sell as well.

Sales is the front line of any and all companies, without sales nothing moves. Sales professionals are the revenue makers without them , a company will die on the vine.

The average Sales Representative job is to create sales leads by either area canvassing, contacting buyers with in a region or location and educate those buyers on the advantages of buying the Sales Representatives products. Many companies offer sales leads which is a huge advantage for any up-and-coming Sales Representative. By being provided leads it makes the Sales Representatives job much easier because they don't have to spend the time in creating those leads themselves.

Cold calling is a very familiar term among Sales Representatives. Cold Calling is where a Sales Representative get either on the phone or face-to-face with the Whidbey client and educates them on the products of the company, ask a great deal of questions in qualifying that would be client to discover if they can bridge I need between the company's products and the client's needs.

Different types of Sales Representatives

if you could imagine all the products you see each day or even all the products in the very room you're standing in, all came from different industries in the sales. In fact there are more industries than sales professionals. From computer chips to potato chips, you find the product and all that you you'll find a salesman or saleswoman who sells it. Sales Representative jobs are easy to find but very hard to keep. Because depending on the industry, if a Sales Representative does not perform and make sales, they are quickly shown the door.

What education do you need to become a Sales Representative

A college education is a good start but any seasoned sales professional will tell you that a college education will only get you so far. You need to be educated on the products you sell and you need to know how to sell. Believe it or not there is an actual process to selling. And even to this day sales is not taught at university level yet without it no company could survive. There are great many places that you can go and get trained in sales. Some of the best places come from a heart us products to sell , like the copier industry , Xerox , Canon , Linear. These companies are known for their sales training and some of the best sales professionals and Sales Representatives today come from companies known for their sales training . One rule of thumb when selling anything is called the " Magic 3"Price, Quality or Service, pick two because you can't have all three because the company has to make its money some way as either going to make it up on, Price, Quality of their products or in their Service. You can have a great quality product and the best customer service in the world but guaranteed your clients are going to have to pay a high price for it. Or you could be the low price leader and have great customer service but your company is going to make up for that on the quality of the products. Some salesmen sell on price others sell on quality and some sell on good customer service. It all depends on the industry you're a Sales Representative in.

What can a Sales Representatives expect to make a year.

The average Sales Representative will usually start off with a small base salary from $12,000 to $35,000 a year depending on the industry and or location of the sales position and/or the medium cost per living where the sales position is located. Many companies will offer medical and dental plans and will often either pay for your travel expenses or give you a company vehicle to travel within your territory. The average first year potential ( salary plus commission) is roughly anywhere between $36,000 a year to $150,000 a year depending upon the product you're selling and the commission structure. Most if not all sales positions offer a commission to their Sales Representatives. A commission is a percentage of the price of the product that you're selling. The more you sell the more money you make. The average salesman makes anywhere between $65,000 a year to $250,000 annually. Entry-level sales professionals usually take home $24,000 to $50,000 their first year.