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Medical Sales Representative Job Description

Need for Medical Sales Representatives
There is no shortage of opportunities in the sales representative field, especially as a medical sales representative or niche specialty including pharmaceutical sales representative, medical device sales representative, medical capital equipment representative, medical insurance sales representative or related medical sales representative endeavors.

What Is a Medical Sales Representative
Medical sales representatives are on the front lines of the healthcare business, providing medical healthcare professionals with the medical services tools that ensure patient healthcare. Whether dealing with medicine or pharmaceutical sales, medical devices, medical capital equipment, healthcare insurance or medical programs associated with hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses or healthcare administrators, all medical sales representatives share core skill sets . Medical sales representatives must be able to target customers, effectively pitch the medical product, and close the deal. Medical sales relationships soothed with an ongoing medical services commitment are likely to lead to and nurture relationships with other doctors, medical healthcare administrators, hospitals and clinics.

What Skills Are Needed for a Medical Sales Representative
Medical sales representative skills include development of a network of medical contacts ranging from other medical sales representatives to doctors, nurses and healthcare administrators. Strategies for reaching this medical sales audience include social media, cold calls, direct mail and email, one-on-one sessions, seminars and other public speaking events. Excellent communication and presentation skills are essential for medical sales representatives. Organizational, budgeting, time management, telephone and speaking manner, memo writing and related skills are key for medical sales representatives.

Medical Sales Representative
Medical sales representatives must have a broad knowledge of the medical services business landscape -- and an in-depth knowledge of any competing medicine, pharmaceutical, medical device, medical equipment, program or procedure. Why is your medical product or medical service better than others? How do new cancer drugs developed by Astra Zeneca, Merck, Roche and GlaxoSmithKline differ from the pharmaceutical or therapy you are selling?

Medical Device Sales Representative
A medical device sales representative selling knee surgery products should be able to discuss competing gear offered by Medtronic and Stryker. And a medical capital equipment sales representative selling robotic operating systems needs to know about competing systems at Intuitive Surgical, TransEnterix's SurgiBot, and Titan Medical. Medical insurance sales representatives, of course, must be conversant about an array of programs and price points pitched by medical sales competitors.

Advice to New Medical Sales Representatives
Although various training and certification programs are available for medical services sales representatives, some medical sales executives advise newcomers to conduct an intensive online review of the medical sales representative business. Study several medical sales specialties, such a medical device sales representative and medical capital equipment representative, before angling for a medical sales representative job interview.
It all may add up to time well spent: Medical sales representatives command average pay of up to $150,000 a year -- plus benefits.