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Sales professionals need a lot of information before they make a decision to go to work for a company. You're not writing a newspaper ad or some small paragraph for a Craigslist ad. When sales professionals read sales job descriptions, what you put in that job description is going to make a difference if that sales candidate is good apply to your job or not. So it's absolutely crucial that right up front you tell the candidate who your company is, what your company sells and who your company sells to. It's imperative that you explain to a job seeker what your company's competitive advantage is. Is it price, quality or service? You can't have all three were you would make money. You're either selling your products on its quality or your customer service or you have the best price. If your product or service is the low price leader in the industry, this is the time to sell that fact in your job description. If your product or service is the highest price product in your industry, that it's crucial that you find a sales professional back in sell that caliber of product and is used to selling on quality and service. We can't say enough about the importance of this.
Posting a Salary on Your Job
Yes - Sales recruiters asked this question all the time and we reply every time, " Sales professionals have chosen this career for the money, they're not in it to make friends. We can't say this enough, YES, it is absolutely crucial that you put a base salary on your job descriptions. It's going to save your company a lot of recruiting dollars and paid unproductive time of your sales recruiting staff if you do. But most importantly it's going to save the sales candidate time. Nothing is more upsetting to both the company and the job seeker when the job seeker find out through the interview process that the job doesn't pay enough on a base salary or the total compensation is nowhere near the job they currently have. This is a nightmare for companies who alternately pay the ultimate price in recruiting cost for recruiting new talent. Do yourself a favor, save both you and your company a lot of time and money and put the base salary on your job descriptions.
If you're not going to post your base salary and/or total compensation on your job description for what ever reason, then you absolutely need to sell your position.  You have to understand this is; our job seeker audience is like no other, these are people who have been working in sales, not people who 'want to get into sales', and they are far more sophisticated and have more experience then you'll see from candidates on other sites.
No - First of all when you don't put a salary our job seekers assume that the salary is so low that you're not willing to post it. This is a huge red flag with sales jobseekers reading job descriptions. You have to understand, we are the largest sales employment site in the world. You have to sell your job to our jobseekers. Because without a base salary or total compensation , then it's imperative that you go into a great deal of detail in explaining to jobseekers in your job description how easy it is to sell your products and how easy it will be for them to make an income that will warrant a job seeker to apply to your job immediately. You're not getting get this by writing a paragraph or just what your company is looking for. It's time to sell that job and being the authority on sales job descriptions, we can help. ( See below)
4 Crucial Things When Writing Sales Jobs Descriptions
Your job description should be several paragraphs long. Remember, the more detailed the job description the better the candidates you will receive when it comes to sales professionals.
  1. What Do You Sell and Who Do You Sell to
    • The first paragraph should talk about your company, who you are, what you sell and whom do you sell to. (Think of it like introducing yourself on a dating site you want to give enough insight for someone to be interested in you)
  2. What Is Your Competitive Advantage, is it " Price, Quality or Service:" pick two because you can't have all three.
    • Example 1; Nordstrums - Quality & Service for a high price
    • Quality - high-end goods, Service - known for their impeccable customer service
    • Example 2 Cosco - Quality & Price - no service back it yourself
    • Quality/ Price - Cosco has some of the best wines at the cheapest prices
    • You should then talk about what your company's competitive advantages are. In sales you can only get two of three things;  Price, Quality and/or Service- pick two and explain in detail what those competitive advantages are and why. Talk about the competitive advantages your company has over its competitors. This is absolutely key for sales professionals because they are the ones that are going to be selling your products and they need inside understanding of what those advantages are when it comes to selling your products.
  3. Sales Work Environment
    • Next, talk about the work environment. Will these people be working at home? Will they be coming into an office? What will they be doing each day? What will their workday look like? Who will they be reporting to? Do you offer leads? What training do you offer?
  4. Best Suited Backgrounds for This Sales Position
    • The last paragraph should be about the background, education and experience you're looking for in this position, and whether all are required, or desired, or which are must-haves and why.  Job seekers want to know if they even meet your qualifications before taking the time to apply to a position.

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