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Regional Sales Manager


Reforce International

Base Salary: At least $100,000
Total Comp: $250,000 or more
Industry: Software
Benefits: Yes
Customers: All
Car Allowance: Yes
Sales Cycle: Short
Travel: Only in Territory
Location: multiple


The SaaS application, Howwe, is the market leader in Europe within Digital Activity Goal Steering (also called Proactive software). The market space is highly valuated and expected to grow rapidly in the next coming years. We are growing with +50% per year.

Our software “Howwe” is sold to CEO and large P&L owners (nowadays to COO, CFO and Head of Strategy as well), but used by the whole organization (CEO, Managers, and employees). Howwe helps the CEO to accelerate what the company believes is most Important.

All customers in Europe are medium or large organizations and references includes well-known brands within Bank, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Real estate, Consulting, Management consulting and other different types of Industries. The price per user per month is high based on that all Howwe customers have proven acceleration and financial results.

Based on the successful growth in Europe, the company have recently done a Pre-IPO and that is why the Founder/CEO now have moved to NYC in order to grow the US market. The IPO is planned to end of 2022 or beginning of 2023.

Job description:

  • You will be working close together with the founder to get more partners (resellers) and successively building the US organization
  • Must have a successful track record within cold calling and strong sales skills, as well as a good amount of energy. The job includes booking Sales meeting#1 via phone (Meeting #1 is normally done via the web). You will participate in the sales meetings where the founder will be responsible, but you will learn and successively take over, and later expand the division.
    • This is the most important part, i.e. to be able to generate sales meetings for the founder
    • Most of the bonus is related to this part
    • Possibility to become a shareholder if successful and able to learn and develop yourself.
    • Very talent in English
    • 95% of the work, at least during 2021, will be remote and you are free to work from home or an office where you live. We have an office in New York City and it is important that you live maximum one hour from Manhattan. Sales and delivery are done via the Web and CEO seminars.
  • CEO Assistant: Even if the founder has lived earlier in Boston for ten years, you are expected to be close to the CEO and work as the CEO assistant. It includes different type of work, such as helping with employment processes, communication, and marketing.
    • The European organization has everything needed and we have a proved sales and onboarding process. Processes and templates as well as marketing content needs to be adjusted and packaged to suit the US market.
  • Proven sales process (also proven in US)
    • Web and mail-based marketing to CEO for potential partners/resellers
      • Reforce International is using ZoomInfo and a CRM/marketing application for lead generation
    • Phone call to the CEO to get Meeting #1
    • Meeting #1 via the web (almost al meetings # 1-3 are today done via the web)
    • Meeting #2 & 3
    • Yes / No to become a reseller of Reforce's SaaS application, Howwe
    • Leaving over to the onboarding team
    • Continuous customer care with existing partners

Your skills

You are between 25 and 30 years old, with a college education and have the proven ability too cold call and close businesses. You like ales and would like to learn and develop within sales to higher customer roles. You are a high energy type of person and would like to be an important person close to the Founder/CEO.

Future possibilities
If you are successful within sales, you will learn from the Founder and gradually improve within sales done to high roles (strategic sales). Our sales is ROI driven (not feature and "product" driven), wherefore you will learn about company's challenges and business solutions. We are in an extremely hot trend, wherefore you will learn within an area that is fast growing and the future. You will also learn and participate in how it is to grow a company. You will also be able to become a shareholder after you have proven yourself.