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Audio-Visual Event Salesperson in Morristown, NJ


Blue Line Productions

Base Salary: 100% commission
Total Comp: $80,000 to $100,000
Industry: General
Benefits: No
Customers: Medium
Car Allowance: Yes
Sales Cycle: Short
Travel: Only in Territory
Location: New Jersey: Morristown


Event Salesperson – Audio Visual Sales – For Established Company


Blue Line Productions seeks a new AV Salesperson on our roster.



Currently, our focus is two-fold:

  1. Provide Event Services, specializing in audio-visuals, to high end clients and corporations.

  2. Provide Celebratory Services for high-end corporate and private events


Founded in 2011, our company has blossomed into a force regularly working in some of the most exclusive venues in Manhattan and successfully competing for events that regularly hold celebrities and political VIPS. The Boathouse in Central Park currently recommends us regularly, as do exclusive clubs like Lotos and Links. We have been called back for years at some of the most exclusive schools in Manhattan Buckley, Brick Church,Saint Lukes and more have used us repeatedly. We’ve broadcast live from the TONY’s and worked events that have included everyone from RUN DMC to Henry Kissinger. With no startup capital, in a little over half a decade, we have built an event company that can now compete on what we consider one of if not the highest level in arguably the most competitive City on Earth: Manhattan. We do this by priding ourselves on having the best, most up to date equipment and a core of multi-talented people dedicated to our mission. Our founder and president, Dan Drake, is a MENSA member with a graduate-level education that has performed everywhere from MSG to Carnegie Hall. We have the experience and technology, we are looking for our next great salesperson to help us expand further into the success we have already built.


Sales Advantages

Some say there are three aspects to consider when selling most things. We believe we offer advantages in all three. We also find our track record goes a long way to prove this to be true.

  • Price

    • We can operate events at a lower gross cost than most companies that can do what we do because our overhead is lower and, being privately owned, we require less profit.

  • Quality

    • The fact we have been called back and recommended by numerous luxury venues and affluent clients speaks volumes for the quality of our services. We pride ourselves in state-of-the art equipment and have been told by some very established management ours is the best of any competing company for what we do.

  • Service

    • Our people are also dedicated and educated in the art and science of what we do, many with multiple talents and all with a strong desire to please. We also offer more than many companies, with a wide range of the “math” side of corporate and complex setups, and wide offerings in the “art” of entertainment.


Work Environment

We try to foster a friendly work environment that is supportive and helpful whenever possible.Many of our regular staff spend time together in social events when not on the clock. Some staff rely on this as their primary income. Some work full-time jobs that have some flexibility and schedule accordingly to make themselves available for production work and events. You can work from home or around your schedule, so long as the work is being done.

Ideas are welcome and open dialogue is something that occurs regularly. Once a week, we generally have an optional meeting with refreshments where equipment can be experimented with, ideas can be shared/worked on, and some socialization can occur. We are a group of coworkers. We are also a group of friends.


Selected Candidates Can Enjoy the Following

  • A Clear and Generous Commission

  • Ability Make Your Own Schedule/Work from Home

  • Access to Our Extensive Inventory of Modern Equipment

  • Support Building Personal Marketing Materials (Cards, Photos, Etc.)

  • Teaming with a Talented Team with Substantial Forward Momentum

  • An Expense Account/Company Credit Card

  • Freedom to Build Something You Can Be Proud of

  • Opportunity for Advancement and Possible Shift Work/Additional Pay


The Ideal Candidate

The most successful salespeople we have had a history coming into this. Our top AV salesperson sells large corporate events in Manhattan weekly and makes thousands of dollars most months working part time from home. He had a history in the field and came to us some time after being laid off. Our best celebratory salesperson concentrates on weddings and other types of parties in NJ and often makes thousands many months, while working full time as a teacher. (Full disclosure, he also often works the events he books to increase his profit with an additional shift pay: Corporate AV in Manhattan is much more lucrative than party services in NJ. These two examples are provided to show two very different formulas that have led to happy outcomes for our staff.)

We do not have required hours, other than the hours necessary to facilitate the sale and communication around it. Occasionally, however, like in many business relationship, circumstances may present themselves that move us to request something more specific in the event of an immediate or unusual need. Our experience has shown that a networking pool and some background in events make success much more likely.

We believe the following attributes will make success more likely:

  • A Background in an Event or Production Related Field

  • An Established Networking Pool to Draw From

  • Proximity to and Familiarity with the Target Area Being Pursued

  • A Strong Work Ethic and Reliable Transportation

  • The Ability to Communicate Clearly and Effectively

Our Salespeople Are Expected to:

  • Generate Leads

  • Create Quotes & Follow Through on Signing Contracts

  • Build Floor Plans Based on Quoted Offerings

  • Facilitate Communication Between Clients, Venues, and Staff

  • Assist in Post Event Wrap-Up and Follow Up on Payment if Necessary


Ideally, interested applicants will provide a link to their social media with their resume.