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Inbound Sales Agent in Wheeling, WV



Base Salary: Yes (amount not posted)
Total Comp: Not Listed
Industry: General
Benefits: No
Customers: All
Car Allowance: No
Sales Cycle: Short
Travel: No Travel
Location: West Virginia: Wheeling


NexRep is the highest quality, onshore, at home contact center based in the U.S. We have innovated the home agent contact center model by focusing on agent operations and sourcing that delivers professional level agents who match customer profiles. The result has been a fast-growing company that attracts the best talent and outperforms our competition. In 42 states in the U.S., we provide:

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Phone
  • Social
  • Customer Service
  • Sales

NexRep handles inbound calls driven by media coming through a variety of sources including television, radio, direct mail, and web advertising. In this era, where media is ubiquitous and always on, traditional call centers are challenged scheduling agents. With NexRep’s model of at-home agents all over the United States, it is easy for us to provide service at all times and partner with our choice of agents. This means we can be selective and contract only with agents who have a natural ability to sell and who can provide exceptional customer care. Because of this unique model, coupled with our certification process, NexRep consistently brings in up to 20% more revenue than a standard call center.

We also provide inbound virtual receptionist services, with expert learning crafted for the individual brands of our clients. In addition, our dedicated 100% US-based agents embody the image each client aims to project, which makes the customer more informed, more likely to remember the brand and to make a purchase during the call and in the future.

Our clients are in industries including:

Branded Retail

Consumer Electronics

Direct Response

Catalog and Direct Mail


Travel and Hospitality

The Prices of the products that we offer to our customers are extremely reasonable for the product lines and are very competitive in this specific marketplace.

The Quality of the service we provide to our customers is of the highest tier in Telesales. Our sales agents are certified to be very knowledgeable about all of the products that we offer and are also certified to learn our sales process inside and out to ensure that they can perform at the highest level possible.

Our competitive advantages are the quality of our certification for one. We have one of the best performing sales forces in the United States, and it all starts with our certification process and sales process and scripting. We offer constant sales support and guidance to our agents so they can perform at the highest level and make the highest commission on the sales they make. We also service many of the leading “As Seen on TV” clients in the country. These clients have a better educated consumer who is ready to make a purchase, which leads to higher Close Rates and Average Order Value for our sales agents and more commission in their paychecks. Our agents contract from home, which is another important advantage when it comes to sales. When you are in a comfortable setting, you perform at a higher level. Our agents also save thousands of dollars yearly on commuting, vehicle repairs, gas, food and clothing expenditures.

We are the premier home-based sales force in the nation that specializes in satisfying our customer’s needs while providing our agents the ability and skills to optimize their earning potential and grow their own business right at home.  We are very excited to get you started!  Some of the perks and benefits you can expect to experience here at NexRep are:


  • Be your own boss. You decide when to contract
  • Optimize your earning potential – you are not capped by an employee salary
  • Answer calls from your home; take your business with you when you move


  • NexRep provides certification, at no cost to you, to get you started
  • NexRep offers live support you can contact if you have questions


    Save $4,000 or more each year on gas, insurance, and transportation
    Save $3,000 per year on clothing and dry cleaning of professional attire by working in your pajamas.
    Save $1,500 by eating lunch in the comfort of your own home
    Save on expenses when working from home with tax deductible equipment

Many NexRep independent agents generate the equivalent of $15 per hour while the best agents are exceeding the equivalent of $20 per hour, which you can do too! NexRep agents have the freedom to choose their hours and availability. Contracting from home without the requirement of an 8-hour “shift”, allows agents the flexibility to balance business and family. NexRep agents can grow their income by applying experience, skills, and certification they gain to optimize their hours, instead of waiting for a 2% annual increase from their employer. Unlike other companies that provide home-based opportunities, you will not just be a number in a report. From your initial phone assessment through certification to live-calls, NexRep’s experienced, professional staff provides the personalized support that will enable you to reach your full potential.

Qualities Our Top Agents Have In Order To Be Successful


NexRep independent agents maintain the highest quality calls by keeping a professional yet friendly tone of voice, have persuasive selling skills, and a strong understanding of our third-party clients’ brands and products.


Successful NexRep agents understand that as independent contractors, it’s their business and they are their own boss. They value the freedom and flexibility and don’t need constant support.  Top NexRep professionals keep up their skills and exceed the high standards demanded by NexRep’s third party clients by meeting their hours commitments and opting in to provide services over 25 hours per week to maintain momentum.


The best NexRep agents know how to focus on the actions that will optimize their business revenue, whether that is providing services at the optimal times for making money, studying scripts to gain product knowledge, or mastering their cross-selling or upselling techniques.  All-star agents understand the “performance” aspect of sales and they are consistently on-stage when on a call, delivering consistent enthusiasm and energy in their interactions with callers.


  • Persuasion
  • Customer Focus
  • Data Entry Skills
  • Selling to Customer Needs
  • Closing Skills
  • Telephone Skills
  • Organization
  • High Energy Level
  • Persistence
  • Product Knowledge
  • Ability to do Upsells, Cross sells, and Third-Party Club Offers

If these sound like skills you have, join us as an independent contractor at NexRep today!