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Business Development Coordinator in Atlanta, GA

This job is no longer available from Debanded, LLC
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Debanded, LLC

Base Salary: 100% commission
Total Comp: $200,000 to $220,000
Industry: Real Estate
Benifits: No
Customers: Small
Car Allowance: No
Sales Cycle: salesCycle
Travel: No Travel
Location: Georgia:, Atlanta


Jan 19, 2018

DEBANDED, LLC is a US consulting firm based in Ruskin, FL.  We provide a variety of services for the Real Estate Investment Industry including project development, analytics, marketing, market recommendations, sales of liquidating assets, valuation of inventories and potential acquisitions.  Through the years we have worked with Hedge Funds, Private Equity Groups, Major and Minor Investors and many foreign Investment Groups.  Our planned growth has been precipitated by Debanded engaging in a contract to help develop the educational Marketing and Sales arm of the Industry’s leading Education Provider.  This is a long term project with a unique compensation model.  Our Client’s reputation, recent development, leadership and curriculum attract a wide variety of Students from various companies and walks of life.  We will be recruiting both Sales and Sales Management with the emphasis on those with Entrepreneurial capabilities and desires.

If you’re a candidate for this opportunity, you're probably concerned about the market.  Is there a market or is this just a niche with temporary success.  Real Estate, for those of you who have not considered it as an investment, is the cornerstone of all well-performing portfolios. A rule of thumb is at least 25% of an initial investment strategy should be real estate assets.  Many extremely wealthy investors started as part-time investors buying 2 or 3 properties a year.  All of these people and more are our potential students and ultimately Investors working within our community of like-minded individuals.  Additionally, any worthwhile industry has competition within it.  There are only a few national competitors with most concentrating on the sizzle, not the steak. Generally, the industry has a gunslinger mentality and 90% of the successful people are at either Hedge funds or Private Equity Firms.  The other success matrices are the educated investor and that is our market. They are hungry to fulfill the suppressed entrepreneur inside, tired of the W-2 treadmill and really want to strike out on their own.  They’ve been to the competition like the Guru who tells them all they want to hear and charges them $35,000 to fly to Cancun and learn “Everything they need to know.”  Like the companies who tell them they learn from Experienced Pros and then find out they’re still selling real estate for Keller Williams.   Our client is the leader, they have a nationwide reputation, the curriculum was developed by Leading Educators for Major Universities, taught by experienced millionaire lawyers, accountants, Investors and hedge fund managers.  Strength begets strength. We occupy the number 1 position in the industry, with the best price, superior training and a marketing program second to none.

You’ve gone this far and still you’re not sure how you get paid, how much you get paid and what you do to get paid.  So let’s start with the basics:  You are marketing and selling education.  I know there’s not a whole lot of glitz and glamour selling education; but there is a whole lot of money.  First year expectations for the experienced sales person is $200,000.  I know that sounds like a lot; but you earn 50% commission on sales that are priced from $2,000 - $20,000.   I will provide you a spreadsheet showing you the numbers which show selling 1 sale per month and duplicating your results monthly for 1 year achieve that $200,000.  Second year your income doubles and you begin investing using the education you have acquired; by year 4 you are earning $1,000,000/year.  This is literally your golden ticket, there is no cap on your earnings.  When you understand the compensation model, you will see the potential and as you learn the system, you will know this is for you. If you’re looking for a base salary, expenses and benefits, this is not for you.  We cultivate the True Entrepreneur.  That person who builds his own domain with the tools he has vetted.  Is that you?

Finally, where do you work?  Wherever you wish. I can make this sizzle like saying it’s a remote position.  I can twist words to make it sound like we’re part of a big organization; but the true facts are:  you don’t need to travel, you rarely work face to face and your money is paid twice a week – every Tuesday and Friday.  This is the best of all worlds if…………. You are an Entrepreneur, if you can discipline yourself, if you can handle making a million dollars a year and if you want to be your own boss.  Otherwise, don’t waste your time or mine.  I need you; but I can wait.  Send me your resume or a memo of your highlights.  We’ll talk and decide if you are for us and we are for you.

Thanks for your time,

Ed Robinson, PhD

Managing Member