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Throw some numbers at it!

You know you need to punch-up your resume a bit. You have great experience, you are a skilled sales person, you always exceed your quota…but all these great things just don’t come across in your resume for some reason.  Chances are the reason is that you’re missing quantifiable accomplishments represented as numbers.  Including numbers in your resume is extremely effective for a couple reasons;  It’s easy to find visually- on a page full of words, a recruiters eyes will be drawn to numbers; and because it is the easiest, most succinct way to identify exactly what you accomplished.  So all this sounds good, but you’re still not sure how to add numbers to your own resume… Okay, here are some examples of turning a bland sentence into a ‘Wow!’ sentence.

Started with:  Initiated training program which resulted in increased revenue.  Rolling out program across company due to success rate.

Changed to:  Designed and delivered pilot program which transformed a $22,000 loss into a $17,000 profit within two quarters. Currently launching program in 8 additional locations.

Started with:  Increased gross sales ten-fold in 4 years.

Changed to:  Increased gross sales for division from $1.5 million to $15 million in less than 4 years. Current 4th quarter projections show additional increase of 24%. 

Started with:  Brought on many new customers which netted overall revenue increase of 14%.

Changed to:  Generated 23 new accounts in 12 month period, yielding $1.4 million in new revenue and exceeding quota by 58%

So do you get the picture? Use assertive verbs, make every word count, insert bold adjectives when appropriate, and show those numbers!!