summary statement

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 Your Secret Weapon 


Did you know that hiring managers spend an average of 15 seconds scanning a resume before they decide if it goes in the ‘Yes’ or the “No’ pile? It’s true!  Imagine if you had 400 resumes a day to get through, in addition to all your other normal daily responsibilities…pretty overwhelming.  Now, as a job seeker, how do you make your resume stand out in this sea of similarity?  By giving the recruiter something they can digest quickly and thoroughly in that 15 seconds.  That something is a Summary of Qualifications statement.   This short, simple paragraph at the beginning of your resume adds incredible impact and allows the recruiter to get a feel for your qualifications and skills without scanning the entire resume. 

Think of this statement as the Readers’ Digest version of your professional experience.  Since it’s only a few sentences long and must tell the reader everything they should know about you; every single word must be purposeful and meaningful- I can not emphasize this enough. 

It should be constructed as an overview of your relevant skills, work habits, leadership experience and accomplishments.   Here is a good example of one;


 Summary of Qualifications

Tenacious sales executive with 12 years successful sales experience and winning record of increasing profits.  Fast-track promotions from sales person through progressive positions to Director.  Expertise in developing and managing long-term relationships through excellent customer service, follow-through, and attention to clients’ needs.  Effective working in a variety of corporate cultures; creative problem solver with can-do attitude and ability to foster strong and positive team morale and team results.

You can see that this would be a manageable bite-size chunk to read in 15 seconds, but gives a very impressive overview of the more detailed information contained in the rest of the resume.  Adding a summary of qualifications section to your resume can absolutely get you noticed and put you on top of that ‘Yes’ pile.