sales interviewing advice is the absolute authority when it comes to sales interviewing. One of the hardest things a sales professional will ever face in their career is the dreaded, sales interview. From entry-level sales to VP of Sales, first impressions are everything. If you want to succeed in sales and move up that ladder, then you better know how to interview an interview right. Interviewing for positions in your current industry can still be tricky but, changing industries altogether can be very challenging especially when it comes to interview. Let us help you navigate those treacherous interviewing waters.

Do your homework, study up on the company you're interviewing for. You should know everything about the company their background but most importantly the products they sale. Dress the part, know the industry lingo, know your interviewer and their background. Body language and eye contact is everything. Don't just hand over your resume and expect them to run the interview. Take charge show your leadership skills and asked a lot of questions. First interviews are like first dates, you're looking to see if there's chemistry and if there is you have to work on getting that second date. You need to show your interviewer that the chemistry is right, you know your stuff, you understand their products and your confidence in selling their products to their customers with ease. Be positive, energetic, know the classic questions in sales interviewing and know how to answer them and we can help. Always, and the interview with the close and do so by matching your background and your experience in the sales with what the job entails and then explain how you can find and need for their products for their clients and close the interview and get that next interview.

Sales Headhunters are a breed among themselves. Selling sales professionals to sales management can be exhausting and any seasoned Sales Headhunter doesn't have time for chitchat. Sales Headhunters are your best ally and first line of defense in finding a top paying sales job. The more money they make for you on a base salary the bigger their commission. So help them help you. Get to the point when talking to Headhunters, you sold what to whom and what did you make in doing so. Have your numbers ready and be open to any suggestions they may have. Remember when working with Sales Headhunters, understand they know more than you, if they send you want an interview to accompany you're not interested in, go all in, get that company wanting to hire you because Sales Headhunters can use that as leverage in getting you a higher base salary with the company you are interested in.

Group sales interviews can be tricky, so where you position yourself in that interview makes a very big difference. So make sure that you're sitting in the group not in front of the group. When it comes to phone interviews, know how to give good phone and we can help. Know your chitchat skills and close the interview with the date and time for a face-to-face interview. One ever having a lunch interview, order a salad and never order anything else to drink except water. These types of interviews are very intimate and most common in the pharmaceutical sales and medical field industries, so treat it like a first date with lots of eye contact, lots of smiles and no matter what they say to you act as though you're interested. Ask a lot of questions, especially questions that are geared to the interviewer themselves. Spend your time getting to know your interviewer personally and connect with them on a personal level. Your job on a lunch interview is to just get to the next interview. These types of interviews are done outside of the corporate environment to see how you react in a personal setting. Be very careful, these types of interviews have a lot of pitfalls but we can help.