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Welcome to SalesJobs, the worlds largest sales jobs employment site.  We have sales jobs covering many different catregories and spread throughout the United States:

Advertising Sales Jobs    
There are many different companies that have advertising sales jobs. The main recruiters in advertising sales careers have historically been business directories and Newspapers. Companies such as Ney York Times, Thomson Local Directories and The Yellow Pages always have a high number of advertising sales jobs and are a good place to start if this is an industry you are looking to get into. Touch Local also recruit a large number of advertising sales people. The main newspaper groups are the Daily Mail group & trinity mirror. Advertising sales jobs for a newspaper can range from selling advertising space to car dealers so they can advertise their cars, to getting companies to advertise their jobs. With business directories the main role of the advertising sales account managers is to get customer to advertise their company in their books. This is normally a straightforward return on investment sale. Let's say the customer is a plumber, the business development manager would ascertain the clients average order value; for the purpose of this exercise let's assume its $500 a job. If the advert costs $3,000 the plumber would only need 6 jobs from his advert to cover his investment. Clearly there's a little bit more to succeeding in an advertising sales job than the simple example I have given above, but it gives you the general idea. It's a tough industry but for the top performers the rewards are high. Many successful people have started of in this industry; it's a great place to get a good grounding in sales.

Automotive Sales Jobs
Most sales people waste time talking about price and product prior to collecting the information necessary to even sell the product or close the sale. Automotive sales jobs can be a financially rewarding career or it can just be a great deal of disappointment. We see automotive sales people selling scared and bypassing necessary steps in order to make the sale. To succeed in car sales jobs you must avoid making mistakes. Treating every automotive sales call like an improvisation. Talking about your product before you get the prospect or customer talking about his problems or what they are trying to accomplish. This is a huge mistake because you can't sell a solution if you don't know the problem. Defending your price instead of explaining your value. Newbies and veterans alike fall into this category due to a lack of daily training. Avoid these mistakes and you will find automotive sales jobs and car sales jobs and careers to be very financially rewarding.

California Sales Jobs
Not only is California an impressive place to live in terms of environment and culture, but its burgeoning job market makes it a desired destination for sales professionals worldwide to live and hone their craft. For professional sales leaders with experience and drive, or for new sales associates looking to get a start in an ever-progressing field, California has a vast number of opportunities with a variety of payment levels.
Allowing for a practically limitless income and a fast-paced and exciting career, sales positions provide an individual with the opportunity to take their future into their own hands. When you are looking for a sales position, puts you on the fast track to a promising career.
For Northern or Southern California jobs, simply navigate through the postings by searching for a particular city, like Los Angeles Sales Jobs or San Diego Sales Jobs. This will yield a large number of results in a variety of fields and industries, all relating to sales, so you can focus on the positions that interest you.
For the most up-to-date and continuously fresh postings of California sales jobs, look no further than Looking for a job has never been easier, and with our listings of California sales jobs, you will have all the information and tools that you need to start a new career path today.

Computer Sales Jobs
Not to be confused with a computer technician, a computer salesperson (often called an IT sales professional) delves into the pre and post sales of computer hardware and software. An IT sales jobs goal is also to offer support for the hardware and software that is sold and to serve as a liaison between computer hardware companies and consumers. The main function of an IT sales careers professional is to serve as a link between the customer and the supplier, and effectively meet the needs of both parties. The sales professional must recognize the needs of the consumer and provide detailed information to the consumer about the technical specifications of the computer hardware/software offered. Personal interaction is the name of the game, and the sales professionals are often required to construct sales pitches and presentations aimed to increase customer interest. Sales professionals may often do "cold calls" to customers designed to increase interest in new products. The professionals may also be required to assist with the company helpline and serve as a customer service representative to customers who experience technical difficulties. Training for an IT sales job varies, but many employers simply require on-the-job training. This will likely include shadowing a current, more seasoned professional in the company. Many employees will value prospective employees that have undergraduate degrees in marketing, business/management, business information systems and mathematics, as the skills acquired throughout these degree programs can be directly applied to a sales position in IT.

Insurance Sales Jobs
Insurance sales jobs are at the core of any successful insurance agency or company. There are thousands of insurance sales careers online, in trade magazines and in the newspaper. Before applying for insurance sales opportunities, find out if this career is a good fit. In order to qualify for an executive sales job in insurance, applicants may need to have some experience with insurance. Translating the insurance policy and understanding company underwriting guidelines is critical to becoming a success at an insurance sales job. However, if people who have held sales training jobs, sales management jobs or online sales jobs still have a shot at a career in insurance sales. Most important of all is having the proven ability to successfully prospect, network and negotiate. A Bachelor's degree is usually desired, not always required for an executive sales job in insurance.

Media Sales Jobs
Before you enter the world of media sales, it helps to know what challenges lie ahead. Here are some of the obstacles you may encounter in media sales jobs:
The first challenge is to know your turf better than anyone else. You're the expert about the product or services that you advertise, promote or sell. You must be able to identify the most suitable media for the different products or services that you handle since you can't utilize the same old techniques over and over again.
The next one is to know your target market so that the strategies that you use will be effective and you will be able to attain your objectives such as increased sales which could mean higher revenues for the company and at the same time more benefits for you too.
Lastly, you have to meet the challenges of this digital world. Technology is fast changing and you need to keep up. Otherwise, you'll be left behind by your competitors. Many clients are after quality and new service and you can't give them that if you cling to the traditional trends in media sales. There are always new marketing tools you have to practice and utilize.

Medical Sales Jobs
What is the single most important success factor for medical devices sales jobs reps? First, there's a difference between pharmaceutical and device selling; based on a decades of medical sales and medical sales jobs experience. It can be summarized with this sentence: the sale for device sales reps starts when the customer says YES! The actual selling took place after a purchase is made. Unlike pharmaceutical sales, once a deal is consummated, there is a little that reps need to do. The main point: the most important success factor for medical devices sales jobs is after sales services. They come in the form of troubleshooting, maintenance advice and continuous training. These become more critical in institutional set-up compared to individual user. An example: When a customer agrees to rent or purchase a chemistry analyzer, for example, it is the rep job with the help of service engineer to install and make sure the machine runs properly. They need to make the necessary arrangement and preparation to bring in the analyzer. For that matter, they need to renovate the customers place or make some modifications before installing the hardware. Right after that, the rep needs to coordinate with company's application specialist to set the program to the customer needs. When everything has been set, then users need to be trained on how to operate it accordingly. This can takes a few days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the machine. And the real job starts right after that. When customers get their hands on the device, there are bound to be problems. More often than not, the area that requires the usage of the machine is the busiest area and it could not wait longer than a few hours to get everything back to working condition or in their words; short ‘turn around time'. Can you guess who is in the front line for such task? Ask any pharmaceutical reps whether they have been called to the front line if the healthcare provider wrongly dispensed their product. Hardly! Twist it however you like but after sales service is the most important success factor for medical equipment sales reps.

Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs
Can pharmaceutical sales jobs Interviews be challenging? Well, if you correctly prepare, your interviews should be an easy flowing conversation about you, the company and the job opportunity. If you don't correctly prepare and know what to expect during the pharmaceutical interview you will get flattened! Guaranteed! Competition for a pharmaceutical sales rep position is too tight to just "wing it" and hope you get the position with a big smile and witty answers. Interview Process Overview: This is a usually a 2 to 6 step interview process lasting anywhere from one week to a month … depending on the company's hiring policies and the companies urgency to hire. An initial phone screen is usually followed with several face-to-face interviews. Basic pharmaceutical sales rep jobs Interview Preparation: Know the latest interviewing techniques, questions, and how to correctly answer them. You must be prepared for the SITUATION, ACTION AND OUTCOME type of interview questions. Situational questions will be asked and your answers must include the actions taken and the outcome of your actions. Know your 90 second commercial: The "90-second commercial" is about you, what you have done, and why they should hire you. This needs to be concise and focused on your RECENT accomplishments. (A typical pharmaceutical sales representative spends less than 2 minutes in front of the Physician, so his/her sales pitch needs to be clear and concise … much like your 90-second commercial). Know the company, products and job description: The company website is an excellent place to start. Pharmaceutical company's websites provide you with a wealth of information, but do not stop your research here. While on the website, look for the following information: job description, corporate headquarters, senior management, current products and indications, research and development, financials, and press releases. (Special note: press releases are a hidden jewel of recent information … Ask the hiring manager about a recent press release and see how he/she reacts). Know how to close the deal: Tell the hiring manager you want this job! Don't forget to write a thank you note (letter or email) with in 24 hours of the interview.

Retail Sales Jobs
Retail sales jobs can include everything from quick commodity sales to high powered selling of specialty products. Every group of retail sales jobs requires a different experience, education and skill level. While there are some transferable skill sets that can aid you regardless of the sales job in question, some positions do require a great deal of more refined skills, higher levels of education, and more specialized or focused work experience. Finding the entry level retail sales career is fairly easy. These jobs are continually available on the market. Finding employees for these kinds of positions is also usually relatively simple for employers, as sales jobs and food industry positions are two of the most prominent employment opportunities available at all times in the economy, meaning that there are always lots of candidates searching for these kinds of jobs. If however you are a job hunter looking for a more skilled retail position or a higher paying job in retail sales, it can be a little more challenging to find your next employment opportunity. Utilizing more specialized job search tools may be necessary, as may be the hiring of a recruitment firm to assist you in finding your next position. As an employer seeking to fill more specialized retail jobs in sales you certainly have your work cut out for you. The same thing that makes finding candidates for an entry level retail sales position so easy is also what makes finding a highly skilled candidate for an advanced retail sales job so difficult. The market is simply flooded with candidates looking for the average retail sales position. Your highly skilled candidates can easily become lost in the sea of novice or less experienced sales personnel. There are ways in which you can make the search for the right candidates easier and less time consuming. Placing ads strategically in the "professional" category rather than the "sales" or "retail sales" job group on national job boards is one way to make it more likely that you will find the right candidates. Using the services of a sales jobs staffing firm is also a good idea. Firms that are familiar with looking for highly skilled retail sales candidates will be able to assist you in finding the right candidate for your very particular market niche.

Software Sales Jobs
Software sales representatives sell programs for computers that handle a wide array of functions. Some software helps manage bookkeeping, some helps handle billing, some keeps track of client information. Software sales jobs reps must know how the programs operate and often demonstrate the software to potential customers. Education – Requirements to become a software sales careers representative vary by company. All need at least a high school diploma, and many companies favor candidates who have a bachelor's degree. Aspiring software sales reps tend to focus on courses that provide the best training, such as marketing, mathematics, business and communications. Certification – Though rarely a requirement, certification is often considered another strong method of training and can lead to advancement for software sales representatives. Certification programs are often available through software companies or sales organizations. They vary in cost and scope, but most take from a few days to several months to complete. All include some form of testing. On the Job – Perhaps the most valuable training a software sales representative can receive takes place on the job, under the direction of a training manager or direct supervisor. This enables the sales rep to learn the ins and outs of the software specific to his company, as well as sales goals.

Technical Sales Jobs
Sales engineers (SEs) are the technical glue of a technical sales jobs. Sometimes called "systems engineers," "pre-sales support," or "field consultants," SEs act as the sales team's technical careers encyclopedia during the sale, representing the technical aspects of how the product solves specific customer problems. They perform technical presentations for the product. They own the demonstration script for the product. With adequate staffing of trained SEs, Product Management does NOT go on sales calls.
We see three common problems with sales engineers in high tech firms: SEs lack technical skills; there just aren't enough SEs; and the SE is wasted early in the call so a sales person needs a "bigger gun" for later sales calls.
Often, sales people ask for deal support from Product Management simply because there are not enough sales engineers to go around. Well-run sales channels typically have one SE for every two sales people; many have 1:1. Yet the companies that report product management providing excessive support of the sales channel usually have 5:1 or more. And guess what happens? In the absence of an adequate number of sales engineers, product management must step in (or gets dragged in!).
One expert in sales engineering observes that roughly 30% of SEs do all the work. These "best SEs" have won the respect of the sales people and are in constant demand. That leaves 70% that are on staff but are not being used. Imagine their frustration at seeing product managers on calls that rightfully should be theirs.
So training the technical sales consultant can be effective. Companies normally train sales engineers in sales methodology by having them attend sales training classes with the sales reps. In other words, they are trained to be sales reps. But shouldn't they be trained in how to be good sales engineers? New (or under-utilized) sales engineers should have a mentor, a senior SE, who can show them the ropes and teach them the skills to effective.


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